Setting Up A Profitable Virtual Assistant Business

This course provides you with ALL the information and advice you need to make your VA business a success!


The VA industry is growing rapidly in the UK!

Why now is the perfect time for you to set up as a Virtual Assistant...

Have You Had More Than Enough Of The 9-5 Grind?

  • Feel like you never have enough quality time to spend with your family and friends?
  • Fed up with long, painful and tiring commutes to the same workplace day-in day-out?
  • Tired of working for a boss you don’t like?
  • Stuck in a rut with your job and feel unsupported?

Are You Worried About Child Care And Nursery Fees?

  • Are you on maternity leave and not wanting to go back to your full time job?
  • Worried about leaving your child and nursery fees?
  • Maybe you're a full time mum and want to run a business around your children from home?
  • Are you looking to make the transition from working full time to running an online business?
  • Do you need guidance to get your online business started as a Virtual Assistant?

Leaving the security of full time employment can seem daunting and it's important to have a process in place to make sure you address all the initial challenges you will face.

We've Been There And Know How It Feels!

This is why we've been able to put together so much information on how to set up successfully in a way that makes sense to new Virtual Assistants.



Here Are Just Some Of The Great Benefits You Can Reap When You Have A Successful VA Business...

✔ Have the freedom and flexibility to work from wherever you choose

✔ Reclaim hours of travel time and energy by working from your own home office

✔ Create a balanced, healthy schedule that can maximise quality time spent with family and friends

✔ Work with clients you actually enjoy helping rather than for an unappreciative boss

✔ Create a business that you love, which you can grow - with great satisfaction

✔ Build a path to your financial freedom

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The Expert VA Academy Training Course Includes All This...

  • Online learning modules to study at your convenience around your current lifestyle
  • Step-by-step guide to follow and learn at your own pace
  • How to set-up your business correctly
  • How to market your business successfully
  • How to find, sign up and keep your ideal clients
  • Over 30 videos detailing your steps to successful setup and beyond...
  • Over 10 hours of practical-step exercises to jump start your business!
  • Access to our ongoing support network as your business grows
  • Discounted rates on private coaching



Virtual Assistant Set-Up Guide & Action Plan Booklet

When you enroll you also get a copy of our handy Virtual Assistant Set-Up Guide to download straight away.

With this and our downloadable Action Plan Booklet for you to fill in the blanks as you work your way through each module, you will be creating your very own, personalised route map to success!

A Brief Introduction...

Giving you some info on how this course is set up and all the support you will receive from Expert VA Academy.


Your Instructors

Laura McBride

Laura McBrideAfter spending many years working as a Personal Assistant corporate offices across the City of London and the West End, Laura decided to make a change. Although loving the role as a PA, Laura became fed up with the daily commute and many parts of the corporate environment. She decided she wanted to set up a business of her own that would allow her the freedom to work the hours she wanted to and to reach out to a much wider range of clients.

She began setting up the process of building a successful Virtual Assistant service. Since then, she has overcome many obstacles on the way to establishing a very successful Virtual Assistant service that continues to grow and develop.

Laura has experienced all the highs, lows, stumbling and sticking points that come with setting up on your own and so knows exactly how you will be feeling when first starting as a virtual assistant. She has thoroughly documented her experiences and built this program so that you can now fast-track your way through!

Nick Storan

Nick StoranNick built several successful businesses before moving into handling marketing and sales for Expert PA Services.

Nick has a concise manner and he applies this to the concepts he teaches throughout this course. His focus is on teaching exactly how to use the strategies explained to maximise the marketing of your new virtual assistant business and sign up your ideal clients.

He also sets out strategies in detail for how to actually sell your service as a whole - a major sticking point for many new Virtual Assistants.

Making It Easy For You...

"I was feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed before taking the course but am now so glad I invested in the success of my business. I made back the money it cost within picking up one new client and am now flying along with my business"


"This course really tackled the actual processes I needed in place to get my business set up correctly and now it's really growing nicely. So glad I made the investment!"


"Before I took the course I was in a bit of a rut. I was worried about going back to work after having my first child. I decided to invest in the course and set up from home to be around my children as I worked. What a great decision! I now have three new clients signed up and I'm feeling full of confidence and absolutely loving what I do as a Virtual Assistant. Best of all, I'm able to balance family time with work time!"


Class Curriculum


If You Don't Make The Change Now When Will You?

As we speak with new members when they enroll, they all say how much they had started to get fed up of their day to day routine but didn't know how to get out of it without fear and doubt kicking in - lets face it we have all been there.

We all go through that stage of wanting to change the path we are going down, whether that means changing our 9-5 role or being able to be our own boss and work flexible hours around our families. But there is a thing called FEAR that steps in and stops us from pursuing our dreams and goals.

Stop being afraid

The one thing that made me determined to step out of my comfort zone and make that change was the fact I wanted to run a business where I could work from wherever I wanted and have the freedom and flexibility to live the life I wanted without being tied to my desk all day. I knew that with running my own VA business would come hard work, highs and lows but I believed enough in myself to make my dream a reality.

No one says stepping out of your comfort zone is easy but if you believe in yourself and listen to the correct advice you will get there.


Get started now!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are totally confident that your investment in this training course will be a really valuable step forward for you, and will help you build and grow a rewarding and profitable Virtual Assistant business.

Even so, we want to be sure it is the right fit for you. So take 30 days to check everything out. If for any reason you decide it is not for you, then please contact us at info@expertpaservices.co.uk and tell us why you are not happy with the course so we can give you a full refund straight away.